Schootopya Management System

If you’re searching for tools that help you to manage your school database then you are in the right place!
Managing an entire school is not an easy task
There are a lot of systems available around that can be used to manage strong admission, enrollment, courses, student monitoring, accounts, communication, and others.

Also, reliability is the key factor when it comes to running a School Management System. Any lag or disturbance can affect your reputation.

Why not utilize a complete solution as a single & streamlined platform?
Schotopya offers the most user-friendly school management system, with more than 250+ features, including admission & course management, attendance & leave management, online exam, grade books, ebooks & library management, invoicing, inventory, hostel & transport management, advanced user management with unlimited user roles, More than 6+ online payments & SMS gateway, 100+ reports and many more.

Key features

Students, teachers and parents database

Users can create, manage profiles for students, teachers, and parents and track all their information.

Role & Permissions

Unlimited User Role and Permission to assign user roles, meaning that student and both of their parents can have their own accounts as well as admins and teachers but access to information and permissions will not be the same.


Student can apply for admission

LMS management

Teachers can create online courses. They put their course materials digitally and students can access them from home and continue studying anytime.

Online classes

Teachers can create online live classes using API service and students can join the session from their panel according to class, the section has given schedule. This module ensures also class privacy, which means no outsiders can log in to the class session without having the right authority.


• Privileged users can set an academic year • Teachers can make assignments for students • Set up schedules and/or optionally add any number of manual sessions with instructor and location • Manage Users class, section, subject & all academic matters • performance and progress tracking for the students

Exam Managment

• Unlimited exam setup, view attendance, and track by pass/fail, points, and hours • Amazing organized system for taking online exam • Customized grading and mark distribution system • Privileged users can Promote student from one class to another


Record attendance by present/absent, late attendance, makeup attendance sessions, or hours attended. Setup class sessions to have multiple attendance records for a day.

Financial management

• Full-featured accounting system provides flexible Billing which includes recurring fees, automatic invoicing of Event and Class registration fees, invoice printing, multiple payment methods, perpetual audit history, and invoice history • Track contracts for payment for tuition or other charges using a flexible payment schedule and automatic tracking of invoice information and payments. • Track income and expenses.


Send e-mail messages individually or simultaneously to all users

Reporting management system:

Every main window in Schotopya offers flexible search and output functions. And also offers a unique way of printing, merging, and exporting information, and provides access to every piece of information, so you can get whatever reports/forms you need.

Library management

Complete Library management system integrated with the system so that librarian can manage library books easily

Transportation management

Complete transportation management system for users can handle transport easily and track bus routes.

Asset and inventory management

Place supplier orders and receive shipments. Simple perpetual physical inventory, Purchasing, on-hand quantity tracking supports accurate counts and cost tracking.

Hostel management

Complete hostel management system for users can handle hostel easily