OMA Marketing Company

OMA is an officially registered company since 2016 working in the field of e-marketing, managing social media pages, creating ads on Google and social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and others.

We also work in the field of designing websites and mobile applications with the latest and most secure web technologies. We also offer servers to host our clients’ websites to ensure speed, quality and security.

We also have an integrated team of creative people in the world of graphic design and advertising design. Where we create the idea through the design, taking into account the viewer’s attraction to what the design includes at first sight.

Our philosophy

Because we are in an era of constant change regarding the end of old technologies and the beginning of new opportunities, but if this is now – then what? We believe that the future will take its next steps to be in the hands of people who live in the digital world. Digital enables people to decide what they like, where they interact and what they support. They are connected and in control.

Your challenge – and our challenge – is to meet it.

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Our Features

We use the best tools to get the best results

Expand your Social Reach

Online communication and interaction is a must for any company focused on growth. Therefore, our marketing team is expert in creating and implementing a social media management plan to deliver your message clearly and correctly to your audience.
Let us help you identify the platforms and engagements that will help you grow your business.

Impressive Design

Your business is unique and that is why you need a website that can help you stand out from the competition. By focusing on the latest design standards, Where the OMA team lays the creative foundation for your electronic presence by designing a website and programming a mobile application.

Ads Evaluation

The accurate advertising campaign is the secret of the success of the project. Therefore, we are interested in predicting the return from the beginning of running the advertising campaign.
Therefore, our marketing team is interested in formulating and presenting advertising campaigns to achieve success and obtain the best return.

From our Portfolio

Our History

We offer different solutions and strategies to suit the nature of each business activity


Historical overview

We formed the work team after great success, Oma Marketing Company was established.


Beginning of Realizing Dream

The team moved to its own office in Beni Suef, Egypt.


Team Growth

The number of Vrina members increased until it reached 15, with the addition of a good number of wonderful clients.


Continue to Achieve Success

A continuous increase in the number of our clients and partnerships, which means that our teams will continue to succeed.


Big expansion

Our team has become almost 40 members, and they work with a lot of huge companies and institutions.

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What do Clients Say About Us

OMA clients and the results they reached are the best proof of the success of our methodologies. We have also received numerous awards and praises from the media and our partners.