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We will help you to be close to your customers anytime and everywhere by creating a professional online store that helps you attract more customers as quickly as possible.

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Why choose OMA to design your own online store?

We take care of all our customers in marketing services, especially those who receive e-store services and websites because we have a full team trained in marketing stores specifically and helps you spread through social media because it masters the methods and features available in the stores provided through us and how to use them on the communication platforms to get a higher return on profits

Online Store Design Features with OMA Marketing

Here are the reasons why Uma Marketing is your first choice when you think about designing an online store.

See your store before making a deal

After speaking with us and fully understanding your request, the work team will design the final form and present it to you before starting work.

Data Encryption

With us, you will get complete security of all your store data and encrypt all database entries with a weekly backup of your store.

Specialize software services that meet your needs

Develop various websites using the latest technologies to support and grow the business. We guarantee that you will reach your right customer, that is, we guarantee your project success and ensure your continued success.

Website Browsing Speed

After completing the store, we did not leave you. Here, the technical support team must look at all the updates that must be done by the specialists and make sure that the browsing speed is working well.

Flexibility of Dealing

Our own code, Suitable for any future updates. And the flexibility of the control panel is dynamically easy to use.

Distinctive Designs

Modern and attractive designs that are more responsive to all screens and conform to international specifications, with specialists in modern designs that comply with all advanced web standards.

Link Payment Methods

Activate all payment methods such as cash on delivery or through an electronic payment service such as payment by visa and credit card

Shipping and Tax

All settings for linking with shipping companies, following up on shipping products, and setting up tax such as value-added tax

What's Next ?

Upon completion of your project, you will need a team to market and advertise your store to be able to get the best sales return among competitors. All marketing services are available to us.

Our E-Store Design Portfolio

Importance of Electronic Stores in Labor Market

Using electronic stores is of great importance in the labor market these days, as it expands the scope of your business and this for several reasons:-

Faster buying process

Customers can spend less time shopping for whatever they want. They can easily browse many items at once and buy whatever they like. Customers can find items that are available in physical stores that are away from them or not in their area.

Commercial delivery

Create store and product list

We will enable you to add several pictures, description, product category, price, shipping fee and delivery date. So , and in just one step you can tell the customer many things about the product.

Allows easy export to gain new customers

You don't have to invest in physical preparation to reach customers. Instead of that , You can use an attractive product list and easily acquire new clients internationally.

Affordable Advertising and Marketing

You do not have to spend a lot to advertise your activity, because Uma Marketing offers you various ways to market your business online at reasonable prices.

Reduce Costs

You have to pay a lot to maintain your physical store. Such as rent, repairs, store design, inventory, maintenance, manpower, in some cases, you may not get the desired profits and return on investment.

Our team will help you reduce how much you spend on store maintenance. As we will create your e-commerce store that is affordable and requires less investment when compared to a physical store.

This is also a good opportunity for individual sellers and small business owners who want to earn an income but do not have the required startup capital.

Flexibility for clients

Your products are ready 24/7. And you can display your merchandise anywhere, anytime.

Customers are always in the e-commerce marketplace – they are likely to return for frequent online purchases due to the conveniences they get such as free shipping (usually at a minimum cart value), express order delivery, deals, discounts and the benefits of subscription and different payment methods.

They also share reviews about the things they buy. Good reviews lead to two additional benefits of e-commerce. The first is that buyers gain confidence in your store based on the number of positive reviews. The other is that it can help you identify your best selling items.

Sellers can take advantage of this customer flexibility to increase their revenue.

Our Online Stores Feature

Integrated e-store design packages

First Package

دولار 287
  • Hosting: 10 GB
  • Bandwith: 500 GB
  • Domain for 1 year
  • Design your own style
  • 2 Official Emails
  • Technical Support 7/24

Second Package

دولار 375
  • Hosting: 20 GB
  • Bandwith: 1 TeraByte
  • Domain for 1 year
  • Design your own style
  • 7 Official Emails
  • Technical Support 7/24
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Add 40 products

Third Package

دولار 625
  • Your own server 60 GB
  • Bandwith: 2 TeraByte
  • Domain for 1 year
  • Design your own style
  • 10 Official Emails
  • Technical Support 7/24
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Add 70 products
  • Design a logo for your store

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