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Schootopya Advanced School Management Software Benefits

Running an entire school is not easy

You always need to communicate with the various departments such as the Accounting Department, Student Affairs, Employees and others, and relying on the paper system and documents to document everything is very cumbersome.

With the expansion and multiplicity of departments, the institution may lack accuracy, which is the main factor when it comes to running an administrative system for the school. And the occurrence of any error or loss of any information may negatively affect the reputation of the school.

Scotopia Advanced Schools Management Program
Managing statement appointments

That's why we came to Schootopya

Schootopya is an integrated management program for schools characterized by ease of use, with over 250 features, It is considered as one integrated platform that includes several departments such as the Student Affairs Department, the Control Department, the Stores Department, the School’s Supplies and the Financial Affairs Department. Schootopya is the best platform that enables you to check how things are going in the school from anywhere and at any time.

The importance of Schootopya for your investment

Always be ahead

Schootopya is a competitive advantage that will put your school ahead of the competition.

Distance Learning

Because of the conditions the world is going through, Schootopya has provided a distance learning system, so teachers can add educational videos that students can view, and scientific materials can be uploaded, The possibility of creating a group conversation between the teacher and students through the compatibility of Schootopya with the ZOOM chat program, and teachers can add assignments, question banks, and tests in various forms that students can perform through the program.

Always be the first choice

Parents are always at a loss when it comes to choosing the right school for their children. That is why Schootopya will be the key to making your school the first choice in terms of educational quality where parents can know how things are going inside the school and the extent of organization and also follow their children, which will create confidence in the decision-making when joining the school.

Advanced professional management

Schootopya is designed according to the best international standards and the best school administrative system. It helps you in structuring your management system to give the best possible result.

You are in control of everything

In just a few seconds, through Schootopya, you can access any information, at any time and from anywhere.

Schootopya Content and Benefits

Students and educational administration

  • Integrated management of student submissions and registration through the program, parents will not have to go to school to submit their children’s papers, and a first submission can be done through the program
  • The process of accepting or rejecting students can also be managed through the program
Users can create and manage profiles of students, teachers and parents and keep track of all their information, for example, when entering the data of any student, you can know all his data, for example, basic information such as name, date of birth and contact information, academic information such as the academic year and test scores.
  • Integrated management of all academic levels in the school and the possibility of specifying scientific materials for each stage, Curricula can also be added.
  • Preparing weekly study schedules for lectures that students and teachers can view.
  • Monitor students’ performance and progress through detailed reports on academic level, test results and other criteria.
  • The possibility of adding a classification for students as a classification in the classroom or a classification of the educational level as excellent, medium and weak.
  • Giving online lectures via live broadcasts or by uploading educational materials and lectures on the program so that students can view them at any time.
Electronic tests can be conducted through Scotopia in various forms and managed in an orderly and professional manner. The timing and duration of the test can be determined, the possibility of distributing degrees to the questions and determining the degree of success and failure.
  • Keep track of test results from passing and failing and obtaining certificates.
  • Possibility of promoting students from one academic level to another in each academic year, such as transferring successful students from the first grade of primary school to the second grade, etc..

Possibility of recording the attendance and absence of students, teachers and workers, as for student attendance, it can be calculated for the whole day (attendance on time – absence – late attendance) or by attending lectures during the school day and the possibility of obtaining integrated records of attendance during a certain period of time.

A complete integrated library management system where the librarian can easily manage the library books, you can add members to the library and see all the books available in the library. E-books can also be added.

Accounting & Financial Management

  • A full-featured accounting system that can be used to record all financial transactions carried out by the school from receiving tuition fees or any other fees.
  • Possibility of adding and dividing fees for types and naming them (such as school fees – school uniforms – books – etc..).
  • Availability of a billing system for all operations and the possibility of printing them.
  • Track the dates of payments and dues for each student separately with invoices.
  • Keep track of all receivables and the ability to set a timetable for them to know the due date and whether there is a delay in payment or not.
  • Track all cash inflows (imports) and outflows (exports/expenses).
  • Possibility of adding models for salaries and the possibility of dividing them into laws such as (first degree – second third).
    Each salary bracket contains the following information (basic salary – allowances of all kinds – incentives – discounts).
  • A salary calculation system can be added with the number of overtime hours.
  • Confirm the salary payment process and determine whether it is through a bank transfer, cash or check.

Various payments can be made through the system through more than 5 electronic payment methods.

Asset & Inventory Management

  • Recording the assets of the school and the possibility of making classifications for them and the possibility of counting the quantities on the date of their arrival.
  • Registration of companies and suppliers and their data.
  • Recording all asset purchases and issuing invoices for them.
  • Registering all the stores in the school and registering the items and types in each store, and possibility of making an inventory of stores.
  • Registration of companies and suppliers and their data.
  • Record all product purchases made by the school from a supplier.
  • Recording any sales process that took place from the stores, whether it was for students or employees.

Roles & Permissions

The possibility of creating a special account for each user and dividing Schootopya users into groups such as (students – parents – accountants – teachers – managers – etc..) and specifying the powers of each group for school.

Report Management

Each section of Schootopya provides several ways to search for and extract any information, it also provides a unique way to print and combine information, it provides access to all information, so you can get any reports / forms you need for anything inside the school such as reports to know the test scores of one student in a particular academic year or the scores of all students in a particular subject, or track the attendance of one student or track the attendance of all students in a day, and many other reports.

Reception Management

A system for managing the school’s reception department, where it records all visitors with the date and time of their arrival and departure with the possibility of taking a picture of them, which provides safety for the school.

Communication Management

Management to effectively communicate internally to the school with all students and staff.

Ability to send e-mail messages individually or simultaneously to all users through the program

  • Possibility of announcing any event or activity that will take place in the school and adding information about it (the event title – start and end date – event details).
  • Possibility to announce official holidays.
  • Adding notes to the system for all users (for example, exam dates or new updates and instructions).

Transportation & Bus Management

System helps in organizing school bus management and tracks and identifies bus routes.

Hostel Management

If you have a hostel for students or employees, we have provided you with an integrated system for easy handling and management.

  • Dividing the hostel and making classifications whether it is for employees or students or (for boys or girls) or adding a classification through grades (first degree – second third).
  • Subscriber Registration.
  • Add fees to the hostel.

Schootopya Accessories

Domain .com for year

Official Emails

Create a complete school identity

Design a website for your school next to the Schootopya program

Server with 80 GB SSD storage + 4 GB RAM + 2 processor + 4 TB bandwidth

A detailed explanation of how to deal with the program and the website