OMA Medic Clinic Management Software

OMA Medic program is an online program that makes it easier for the doctor to manage the clinic in a simple and smooth manner. It is an easy to use program, It is used to manage modern clinics from all departments, where you can create a patient file with all records of his visits, medical x-rays and analyzes. 
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OMA Medic Clinic Management Software Features

Patients' files and data

You can create a profile for each patient that shows all the patient’s data in a coordinated and easy way, such as his basic data, patient history, prescriptions prescribed for him, all tests (whether analyzes or x-rays) he has performed, details of his condition, and the possibility of modifying and deleting them, it is also possible to know the dates of the statements.

Patients files and data
Managing statement appointments

Managing Statement Appointments

  • Through the program, it is possible to add working hours in the clinic and specify the duration of the examination, which will facilitate the limitation of the number of daily statements, and therefore there will be no crowding in the clinic or the reservation of excessive statements.
  • You can edit and delete appointments.
  • Appointments can be categorized as Confirmed, Pending and Canceled.

Prescriptions & Medicines

Prescriptions/prescriptions can be created and managed by selecting the medications, analyzes and radiology added in the program. Determine doses, and you can save samples of prescriptions in case they are repeated, so you will not need to retype the details again.

Prescriptions and medicines
financial management

Financial Management

Integrated and comprehensive management of payments and the possibility of creating bills for statements and patients, and counting the amounts paid and owed by patients.

Software Extensions


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